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West Coast Dance/Movement Therapy professional training courses offered by senior Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapists (BC-DMTs), with additional specialized training in attachment, relational, psychodynamic, and developmental psychologies.


Courses for Professional Training and Personal Enrichment

West Coast Dance/Movement Therapy professional training courses offered in Vancouver BC by senior Board Certified BC-DMTs with additional training and orientation in attachment psychology, cognitive-behavioral, addictions treatment, relational and psychodynamic and developmental theory.


Welcome! West Coast Dance-Movement Therapy professional training courses are offered in Vancouver and other parts of British Columbia, and are taught by senior Board Certified Dance-Movement Therapists (BC-DMTs) who are excited to share their passion and knowledge in the field of Dance-Movement Therapy and Somatic Psychology.  We invite counsellors, social workers, expressive arts therapists, psychology graduate students and other allied health and education professionals with interest in integrating embodiment and movement as a psychotherapeutic resource, to consider participating.

The use of Dance-Movement Therapy can be integrated with all theoretical orientations, including cognitive-behavioral therapy. Training draws from developmental, relational, psychodynamic and attachment theory, while integrating basic methods, techniques and approaches from a variety of Dance Therapy lineages.

Course instructors presently include Tannis Hugill, Hana Kamea, Kalila Homann, Donna Redlick (a CMA teaching Movement Observation) Mary Frost, Amber Elizabeth Gray, Dennis McCarthy, and Janet Kaylo, with other visiting course instructors.

Learn to

  • MOVE sensations and feelings consciously, harnessing body intelligence. 
  • Deepen your own EMBODIMENT, wellbeing and self-care as a practitioner. 
  • Use skilled SOMATIC AWARENESS and movement interventions as a therapeutic tool with a wide range of populations. 
  • OBSERVE movement and nonverbal behavior as communication of human needs. 
  • ASSESS and intervene using unique movement analysis systems. 
  • Value and use movement as a tool in treating TRAUMA
  • EXPAND your own movement vocabulary and creative resources
  • INTEGRATE trauma-informed and neuro-biologically based somatic dance-movement therapy methodology for supporting adult and child development


We offer courses over usually 2.5 to 4 day weekends every four to eight weeks, allowing for integration time between courses. During the summer,  we offer five to ten day intensives. Courses may be taken individually, or as a series. Please see Upcoming Courses above for schedule.

"The imagination, in its ability to make something out of nothing, can turn a blank page into a poem, a roadblock into a portal, a depressive state into a labyrinth" - Dance-Movement Therapist and Play Therapist Dennis McCarthy
"The body is the root system of the brain, if you let the root system atrophy, what does that do to the brain?" - Kalila Homann, Dance-Movement Therapist and LPC-S, teacher of Embodied Neurobiology courses.
"Dance Therapy makes use of the communication going on between all people all the time" - Marian Chace, pioneer dance therapist